Grants Awarded to Date:

Fellow Members,
Endowment: We currently have $80,624 in our Endowment Fund with Gulf Coast Community Foundation and $46,125 in our money market fund. $18,500 is committed to the Venice Performing Arts Center Fund for Excellence. The balance of $27,625 is available for scholarships and grants.

I am pleased to report the Committee awarded three separate $1,000 scholarships. We received five scholarship applicants through the Rotary Futures College Resource Center. Our scholarship guidelines give preference to persons pursuing a career in hospitality or marine related fields. The committee selected the following three applicants for $1,000 scholarships: Teresa DeNiro (hotel management at FSU), Marco Verost (Hospitality Management at SCF and UCF), and Thomas Grissinger (Marine Transportation at Mass Marine Academy).

Venice Performing Arts Center: Committee representatives met at the Venice Performing Arts Center on April 21 to consider an informal grant application for completing an internal and external box office. Part of the grant will include a plaque inside and outside the building recognizing the Venice Yacht Club Charitable Foundation. The details of the project and grant are being refined. The Committee is hopeful the grant application can be finalized and fully reviewed by our June meeting.

May 1 Grant Cycle:
Our current bi-annual grant application cycle ended on May 1. Applications were to be considered by the Committee at our May 20 meeting.

Publicity and Promotion:
New board liaison, Tony Zumbano, presented a list of ideas to get better publicity both within the Yacht Club and in the general community for the good work being done by the VYC Foundation. The Committee agrees we need to do a better job with publicity. More effort will be made to have photographs placed in the Currents and local newspapers.

VYCCF Committee:
VYCCF Committee: Wayne Hall – Chair, P/C Joe Dombrowski,
P/C Merle Graser, Warren Major, Joe Miller,
Jack Murphy, Paul Nasipak, John O’Donnell,
Judith Wilcox, and P/C Tony Zumbano.

Charting a course to a better community…

updated: June 2015 Currents


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VYCCF 2014 Donor Card

Application for Grant - Spring 2014 (PDF)

Event Information Form for Fundraisers (PDF)

Grant History (PDF)

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2015 Annual Fund Drive Donors
(Donors from December 1, 2014
to December 31, 2014

Diamond Level
($5,000 and above)

Platinum Level
($3,000 to $4,999)
Hub & Elaine Ocamb (5)

Gold Level
($1,500 - $2,000)
Bob & Barbara Dien (5) (S)
Lucinda T. Spaney (4)
Joe & Diane Dombowski 5)

Silver Level
($1,000 - $1,499)
Michael & Lynn Nemser (5 (S)

Bronze Level
Anonymous (5)

Donor Level
($250 - $499)
Mac & Judy Wilcox (3)
James Kasmark (5)

Supporter Level

(up to $249)

(x) = number of years in foundation

First Grant Cycle: May 2014 - Total Dollars Granted = $9,200 to 14 organizations:
Venice Theater; Venice Art Center, Center for Building Hope, Interfaith Outreach, Our Mother's House, Child Protection Center, Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Club of Venice, Englewood Community Care Clinic, Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinsons, Big Brothers & Sisters, Laurel Civic Assn, Loveland Center, Venice Youth Boating Association

Second Grant Cycle: November 2014 - Total Dollars Granted = $11,710.00 to 12 organizations:

Center for Building Hope; Southeastern Guide Dogs; Diocese of Venice, Our Mother's House; Child Protection Center, Inc.; Venice Area Pregnancy Care Center, Inc.; Community Pharmacy of Sarasota; Children First; Englewood Community Care Clinic; State College of Florida Foundation; Venice Youth Boating; Big Brothers and Sisters; and Family Promise.

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Fellow Members,
Venice Yacht Club Charitable Foundation’s $30,000 grant awarded to All Faiths Food Bank in 2013 was leveraged, resulting in more than $200,000 in grants to start the “Sprout” project. According to Sandra Frank, CEO of All Faiths, and pictured here with P/C Merle Graser and VYCCF Chairman Wayne Hall, more than 53,000 people were able to access fresh produce in 2014 due to the Sprout truck’s capacity to distribute vegetables locally.
The Foundation recently granted $1999 to Family Promise to fund a cargo van. Family Promise is a 501(c)3 Corporation which provides support and intervention to prevent families from becoming chronically homeless. Family Promise Program Director Diane Penick is pictured here with Kathy Murphy and VYCCF Committee member Jack Murphy.

Respectfully submitted,
Wayne Hall, VYCCF Chairman

VYCCF Committee:
Wayne Hall-Chair, P/C Joe Dombrowski, P/C Merle Graser,
Warren Miller, John Moore, Jack Murphy, Paul Nasipak,
John O’Donnell, Judith Wilcox, and P/C Tony Zumbano.

Charting a course to a better community…

updated: May 2015 Currents

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