Grants Awarded to Date:

Your Venice Yacht Club Charitable Foundation Committee met on February 19 and voted to establish a scholarship process with the Rotary Futures organization. We are starting with three separate $1,000 scholarships. We are hoping to be ready to make the scholarship awards by mid to late spring this year. The basic scholarship requirements are that the applicant must reside in the South Sarasota County area and be planning to pursue a four year Bachelor’s degree, two year Associate’s degree, or an accredited technical program related to maritime or hospitality fields. There will be a formal application process. The Rotary Futures will assist us in finding applicants.

Our next grant application cycle ends on April 30. We currently have about $9,000 available for this grant cycle.

We are also working on a grant for the Venice Performing Arts Center. We have $18,500 set aside for the Center and are evaluating some preliminary grant proposals they have suggested.

Sandra Frank from All Faiths Food Bank gave a report on the Sprout truck the VYCCF sponsored last year. Sandra advised us that our $30,000 grant from the Foundation was leveraged to result in more than $200,000 in grants to start the Sprout project. There are 11 participating agencies in Sarasota County that receive vegetable distributions from the truck. More than 53,000 people were served by the Sprout truck in 2014. Clients received an average of 11.67 pounds of produce per visit.

We are pleased to welcome some new members to our Foundation Committee: Warren Miller, Paul Nasipak, P/C Joe Dombrowski, and John O’Donnell. John O’Donnell has agreed to serve as our Treasurer this year.

Respectfully submitted,
Wayne Hall, VYCCF Chairman

VYCCF Committee:
Wayne Hall-Chair, P/C Joe Dombrowski, P/C Merle Graser,
Warren Miller, John Moore, Jack Murphy, Paul Nasipak,
John O’Donnell, Melinda Short, and Judith Wilcox.

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VYCCF 2014 Donor Card

Application for Grant - Spring 2014 (PDF)

Event Information Form for Fundraisers (PDF)

Grant History (PDF)

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2015 Annual Fund Drive Donors
(Donors from December 1, 2014
to December 31, 2014

Diamond Level
($5,000 and above)

Platinum Level
($3,000 to $4,999)
Hub & Elaine Ocamb (5)

Gold Level
($1,500 - $2,000)
Bob & Barbara Dien (5) (S)
Lucinda T. Spaney (4)
Joe & Diane Dombowski 5)

Silver Level
($1,000 - $1,499)
Michael & Lynn Nemser (5 (S)

Bronze Level
Anonymous (5)

Donor Level
($250 - $499)
Mac & Judy Wilcox (3)
James Kasmark (5)

Supporter Level

(up to $249)

(x) = number of years in foundation

First Grant Cycle: May 2014 - Total Dollars Granted = $9,200 to 14 organizations:
Venice Theater; Venice Art Center, Center for Building Hope, Interfaith Outreach, Our Mother's House, Child Protection Center, Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Club of Venice, Englewood Community Care Clinic, Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinsons, Big Brothers & Sisters, Laurel Civic Assn, Loveland Center, Venice Youth Boating Association

Second Grant Cycle: November 2014 - Total Dollars Granted = $11,710.00 to 12 organizations:

Center for Building Hope; Southeastern Guide Dogs; Diocese of Venice, Our Mother's House; Child Protection Center, Inc.; Venice Area Pregnancy Care Center, Inc.; Community Pharmacy of Sarasota; Children First; Englewood Community Care Clinic; State College of Florida Foundation; Venice Youth Boating; Big Brothers and Sisters; and Family Promise.

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Fellow Members,
I am pleased to report that your Venice Yacht Club Charitable Foundation had a successful year. With the help of our hardworking committee and generous members, we raised more than $50,000 for the Foundation fiscal year ending October 31, 2014. This included $18,500 raised at our Music of the Night Gala for the new Venice Performing Arts Center. We also raised $5,600 from the Stan Wright Memorial Golf Tournament held on May 1 at Jacaranda Golf and Country Club.

We distributed grants of approximately $20,000 this year. We will evaluate grant requests for the $18,500 Venice Performing Arts Center Fund for Excellence.

Your Foundation is fiscally sound. We have more than $55,000 in our endowment fund with Gulf Coast Community Foundation. In addition, we have another $55,000 in unrestricted funds on deposit there.
Your Committee is considering whether to establish one or more scholarship funds with the endowment and reserve funds we have on hand. At our next meeting, we will discuss the scholarship funds and then make a presentation to the Board of Directors for approval. We want to put our money to work for the good of the community.

Our current Foundation Committee members are Merle Graser, John Moore, Jack Murphy, Melinda Short, and Judith Wilcox. I am pleased to report that Joe Dombrowski, Joe Miller, and Paul Nasipak have expressed interest in joining our Committee and will hopefully join us at our next meeting.
I am also pleased to report that we received more than $10,000 in year-end donations from our members. We are off to a good start for our next grant cycle which ends on April 30.

Respectfully submitted,
Wayne Hall, VYCCF Chairman

VYCCF Committee:
Wayne Hall-Chair, Merle Graser, John Moore,
Jack Murphy, Melinda Short, and Judith Wilcox

Charting a course to a better community…

updated: February 2015 Currents

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