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FCYC & Reciprocals

FCYC & Reciprocals

FCYC & Reciprocals

  • Florida Council of Yacht Clubs
  • Local Reciprocals

Florida Council of Yacht Clubs

Membership in the Venice Yacht Club gives you full privileges at all the other 35 fellow member clubs in the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs (FCYC).

In addition, many other clubs in the area offer reciprocal programs for Venice Yacht Club members.
Some are annual, and others are summer only (will post here when available).
This page will be updated as the information changes, so check back often.

Click here to view the list of member clubs over at the FCYC website.

Reciprocal Clubs

2020 VYC Summer Reciprocals
June 1st – October 31st

Heritage Oaks Golf and Country Club
Dining & Golf
4800 Chase Oaks Drive
Sarasota, FL
Phone: 941-926-7602
Golf Shop:941-926-7600
3 day Advance Tee Time
Mission Valley Country Club
Dining & Golf
1851 Mission Valley BLVD.
Laurel, FL
Phone:  941-488-9683                                                    
Golf Shop:  941-488-7747  
1 day Advance Tee Time
Plantation Golf & Country Club
Dining & Golf
500 Rockley Blvd.
Venice, FL
Phone:  941-497-1494                                                    
Golf Shop:  941-493-2000
3 Day Advance Tee Time

Venice Golf & Country Club
Dining & Golf
250 Venice Golf Club Dr.
Venice, FL
Phone:  941-492-9600                                                    
Golf Shop:  941-493-3400
2 Day Advance Tee Time
Venetian Golf Club        
Dining & Golf
105 Pesaro Drive
North Venice, FL
Phone:  941-483-4811                                                    
Golf Shop:  941-441-2294
3 Day Advance Tee Time


2020 VYC Year Round Reciprocals

Jacaranda West Golf and Country Club              
Dining & Golf
1901 Jacaranda Blvd.
Venice, FL 
Phone:  941-493-5010                                                                               


*Reciprocal privileges are available to our regular memberships only*