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Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We aspire with the help of our members and staff to create a premier private yacht club that promotes responsible boating coupled with gracious dining and positive social experiences.

Mission Statement

The purposes for which this corporation is organized are as follows:

  • To encourage the proper use and enjoyment of yachts and boats: to assist in the education of Members of the corporation in the science of navigation and in the designing, building and sailing of boats; and to preserve the knowledge and folklore of mariner ways. To own and operate an appropriate private waterfront club and other facilities in the furtherance of its purposes aforesaid and for purpose of social communion among its Members and guests.

  • To encourage the education of the young people in the community in the science of navigation, the art of sailing and small boat handling by the sponsoring of a pram squadron, and/or sailing and power boat squadrons as are approved by the Board of Directors.

  • To provide an opportunity for persons who share the aforesaid purposes to join forces in furtherance of such common pursuits.