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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To provide an exceptional private club experience for a diverse and
engaged membership across the full spectrum of family, social, dining,
boating, water sports, and beach activities, while maintaining the highest
standards of yacht club service to our membership with continuous
commitment to improvement and innovation as well as service to our

Vision Statement

That in 2026 the Venice Yacht Club be recognized as one of the
Distinguished Clubs of America by fulfilling this Vision Statement,
which was developed by gaining feedback from our members, and
consistently communicating our progress to them in the Strategic
Plan and the following Strategic Initiatives.


By continually reviewing and revising the governance of our club, we
will have the processes, policies, and Board orientation necessary to
ensure consistent, strategic governance in lieu of tactical, operational
governance. We embrace the concept of strategic stewardship over time
from one Commodore and Board to the next.


By considering the question of what should be done with our clubhouse
building as the core question for capital planning.

By developing and consistently maintaining a comprehensive, objective
and forward-looking capital plan that allows us to consistently meet our
forward-looking capital needs, both obligatory and aspirational.

By having a transparent and sound budgeting process coupled with
systems, personnel and controls to continuously monitor financial

By embracing forward-looking financial planning and modeling to
ensure that dues and fees are set appropriately to operate the club
in accordance with our Mission, Vision Statements, and the Strategic Plan.


By defining the optimal and sustainable number of members in each
classification through our strategic planning process.

By having a full complement of members in each classification and
having a wait list for members in each.

By seeking members who understand the concept of club ownership and
who participate like owners, willing to ensure the club’s growth and
innovation, as necessary.

By ensuring that our club is inclusive of all classifications of members
who are cross generational, and that younger classifications are populated
 with active and engaged members who will ensure the club’s future.

By proactively recruiting and marketing the club to prospective members
to ensure we have a wait list in each classification.

By ensuring that the membership committee thinks strategically about
recruiting members from the greater Venice/Sarasota community.


By accomplishing real “outside the box” thinking concerning our
facilities: developing an innovative approach to the evolution of our
campus; and successfully repurposing our limited footprint with
 increased programming and services.

By putting significant effort into innovation to offer water sports and
boating activities that are a magnet for young families and other
prospective members with an affinity for the beach and the water: and by
ensuring that our water sports and beach programs are second to none
in the greater Venice/Sarasota community.

By developing, as part of our programming, integration of the club into
the Venice/Sarasota/Tampa Bay arts, theatre, music, educational and
sports community.


By giving our management team the support and funding necessary to
recruit, retain and train their team to deliver a compelling member

By ensuring that our membership is appreciative and supportive of our
team and considers each team member a part of the Venice Yacht Club

By ensuring that our team is professional, constantly improving, open to
feedback and enthusiastically embraces accountability for our member


By considering the limited footprint of the club facilities, coupled with
the age and configuration of our clubhouse; by assuring that members
are committed emotionally and financially to our future plans; and by
considering competition from other clubs in our community.